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Beautiful and famous exotic dancer, Jeanette Moreneau (Susanne Loret), fights with her lover Pierre (Sergio Fantoni).  He leaves, vowing to sail out of her life forever.  He’s a sailor, by the way.  Fearful of never seeing him again, Jeanette races after Pierre and has a terrible car wreck.  She awakens in a hospital wrapped with bandages in a scene so familiar I expected Donna Douglas to appear as Rod Serling spoke.

Not this one!


No such luck.  Her once beautiful face burned horribly and her beau off fighting the Kraken or getting tattooed, Jeanette contemplates suicide.  She changes her mind after a visit from Monique (Franca Parisi), a mysterious woman who claims to know a doctor who can heal her scars and restore her former beauty.  We know Monique is mysterious because she wears a trench coat and dark sunglasses.

Not this mysterious.

Jeanette goes to see Professor Levin (Alberto Lupo) whose experiments in skin regeneration make he and his assistant, the mysterious Monique, speak in whispers and overact.  The sera don’t do much for the test animals either who tend to go psychotic after prolonged use.  Naturally after results like those, he uses some on Monique and later, Jeanette’s face.  Derma 28 works but wears off pretty quickly so the good professor, who is all about the science and has no pervy designs on our stripper at all, has to keep dosing Jeanette with the stuff until he runs out.  Since Derma 28 comes from the necks of women, Levin kills a few and steals their neck stuff.  It goes on like this for a while with the professor, Monique, Jeanette, and Sasha, the mute Igor-like slave/gardener guy who mumbles a lot and may or may not have a hump, whispering and plotting and really emoting the hell out of the story.

And now on Tutti I Miei Figli…

Eventually, Pierre returns from his voyage looking for Jeanette and using staunch detective work which involves asking people where she is, finds her.  He and the police descend upon the professor and his merry bunch and do pretty much nothing for a while.  More women, mostly streetwalkers, die which seems to bother no one and more things happen and by this time I was drooling a little and had trouble keeping my eyes open.  Anton Giulio Majano, which may be Italian for Alan Smithee, directed Atom Age Vampire.  The Italian title Seddok, l’erede di Satana translates to Seddok, the Heir of Satan.  What Seddok had to do with this, I can’t even guess.  A must see!  Well…maybe.

Cool credits.


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