Bloodlust! (1961)   Leave a comment


Subtitle: The Most Dangerous Brady

“Hey kids, let’s go ashore and look for pirate treasure.”

Two young couples, including Robert Reed of The Brady Bunch fame go deep sea fishing. When the drunken captain passes out they decide to row to a deserted (they think) island to explore. There they meet Dr. Balleau (Wilton Graff), lord of the manor, complete with smoking jacket, cigarette holder, and hunting rifle. Balleau tells them they must spend the night in his manse because the jungle is far too dangerous for them to traverse at night.

How bad could that be?

Well, kind of bad as it turns out. Balleau, along with his Igor-like henchman, Jondor try to pull a most dangerous game thing on our heroes. I won’t divulge any pertinent plot points but I will say this film is ripe for a live tweet. I can’t say it was very scary either with lines like “Hidden Cove? Where’s that?” and “Hurry back to the tree of death!” The best scene involved Jondor in his rendering room, a water tank full of dead woman, and the whole Ed Gein starter set. Bloodlust even had leeches and quicksand AND clocked in at 68 minutes. Not too scary but I’m glad I saw it if only to see Robert Reed flexing.

“She’ll be fine.”


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