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lonely boy

Franky has problems. For much of this film, we’re not entirely sure what those are. It doesn’t matter. We’re fascinated by Franky and achingly curious to learn what makes him tick. In Lonely Boy, the audiences watches as he navigates his everyday, troubled life.

Alev Aydin gives a sweet, nuanced performance which could have easily degenerated to caricature. The story, interspersed with lovely character parts played by veterans Mackenzie Astin, Jack Plotnick, Lynn Whitfield, and sweet and intense roles by newcomers Natalie Distler and Greg Vrotsos takes us through Franky’s day. He makes dinner, goes to the grocery store, visits his long suffering sister, and meets a girl.

I detest spoilers so I won’t give any more of the story away here. I can say that Lonely Boy is an independent film with high production values and direction by Dale Fabrigar that takes its time. It looks great and suffers from none of the awkwardness of some small films. Aydin, who also wrote the screenplay, plays Franky with subtlety and wit. It’s quirky and intense. Everything you want in an independent film. Look for Richard Riehle (Office Space) and Melora Walters (Boogie Nights) in terrific character roles.

lonely boy still


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