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Brodie’s mom is out of town.  Actually, she’s serving a stretch for a meth-induced sexual assault on a shopping mall Santa.  His mom’s indiscretions force Brodie to live with his aunt and uncle who he describes as “balls deep into Jesus Christ”.  It doesn’t go well.

Brodie (Milo Cawthorne), a self-described metal head, wears leather and studs and listens to Skullfist and Nunslaughter.  He doesn’t fit into life in the boondock suburbs of New Zealand until he meets Giles, Dion, and Zakk.  Together, the four outcasts form a band.  When they find a piece of music that summons demons to earth, the teenagers and their friend Medina (Kimberley Crossman) have to battle their newly demonic neighbors to gain control of their town and send the evil beings back to hell.

Part CARRIE, part FOOTLOOSE, and part SHAUN OF THE DEAD on steroids, DEATHGASM tells the story of a lonely outsider who decides impulsively to take revenge on all the people who’ve mistreated him by using satanic powers to wreak havoc on his town.  You know, Tuesday.

Like CARRIE, we get to know Brodie and we like him.  he has tattoos and 8 Foot Sativa posters and he’s a bit of a smartass, but he’s a sweet guy.  Listening to death metal takes him out of his sad existence.


Brodie’s heavy metal daydreams.

Unfortunately, it also unleashes evil forces which threaten to end all life on earth.  love, loyalty, betrayal, and sacrifice all play parts in this story of high school angst and zombies.

Director Jason Lei Howden keeps the pace brisk and the extreme violence comical in his first full-length feature.  You have to love a film in which the main character chainsaws his aunt, kills a half naked zombie with a weed whacker, and beats his uncle to death with a marital aid.  I like that Brodie and Zakk (James Blake) were neither all good or all bad and that Medina, though blond, had a brain.  She could also handle an axe like a lumberjack.


Medina takes no prisoners.

DEATHGASM moves fast and doesn’t always go where you think it will.  I cared about the kids and hoped they’d vanquish the newly demonic.  The cast, who were all new to me, did a terrific job portraying misfits given the responsibility of saving the world.  The music fit perfectly and the broad slapstick humor worked.  A few scenes stood out.  After shooting a video for their new band, the eponymous DEATHGASM, Brodie runs into his crush, Medina who asks him to have an ice cream with her.  Brodie and Medina sit on a park bench and enjoy their cones with Brodie in full heavy metal makeup.  It’s funny and sweet.  Another favorite scene has the math teacher, newly zombified, facing a pretty fresh-faced girl and vomiting blood on her for a reeeaaaallly long time.  Disgusting, yes but also funny.

DEATHGASM is creative and funny.  It tells a story of teen friendship and love set against a backdrop of heavy metal music and satanic undead killers.  Brutal, man.

ice cream



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