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Acrophobia, fear of heights, affects 3-5% of the population. Claustrophobia, fear of tight spaces, affects anywhere from 15-37%. Coulrophobia, fear of clowns, affects everyone with sense. Clowns are evil. It’s a well-documented fact. The Clown Motel in Tonopah, Nevada exists. It’s an actual thing. People pay money to register in a room filled with clown figurines of all shapes and sizes. They stay in rooms decorated with clown artwork and clown dolls. Those who stay at a place like this are obviously freaks and we’ll probably read about them someday in connection with a large shoe fetish cult.

If you see this sign, you have gone too far.

Anyway, the television show Ghost Adventures went to this weird inn to check on reports that odd things happen there. Well, duh. Located next to a creepy graveyard, the motel has clowns inside and dead guys outside. TripAdvisor needs to come up with a new rating system for this place.

“I give this motel 3/5 tiny cars.”

The paranormal experts bring their entire arsenal of spook detection gear to check out the motel, the graveyard, and an abandoned school in a ghost town about 25 miles away. They also speak to few locals who claim to have seen shadowy figures appear out of graves and in clowncentric motel rooms. The motel owner recounts that, “A guy woke up in the middle of the night and experienced a clown in his room.” Clowns. One woman, who leads the guys through the old school, says she sees and feels the spirits of dead children along with something ominous; waves of dark energy and an evil force she can’t explain. During a burst EVP session (?), her right leg tingles, so…ghosts.

View from the motel—which is full of clowns.

The intrepid and highly impressionable spectral detectives split up to cover more ground. A couple of them take a young motel resident to the graveyard where they use an SB7 Spirit Box and see a spirit that’s really a large bug. Then, they hook a magneto up to some wire and, just like in elementary school, they make a potato radio. No, wait.  They make a communicator and the ghost tells them a light turned on. Thanks, Ghost Captain Obvious. Two other guys on the team go to the school where they use a pocket ghost translator. They get a message that a little murdered girl is buried under the school, then one of the men climbs down into a crawlspace that would make John Wayne Gacy cringe. There, he’s sure a presence tells him to shove off, so to speak. Back at the Clown Motel, coulrophobic host, Zak Bagans walks around in a darkened room full of clown memorabilia. The hand of a large clown doll moves off its lap and Zak breaks the land speed record to get out of there.

Too. Many. Clowns.

All this, according to Zak, PROVES that there are ill-at-ease spirits haunting the school, the graveyard, and the bizarre motel. Sure, guys. What it proves is the power of suggestion is kind of a big deal and that people don’t want to think that the dead are gone. Oh, clowns are still evil.




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  2. This humorously and pointedly expresses my frustration with most of the Ghost and Fortean Phenom ‘proof’ programs out there wherein panting, sobbing, freaking out ‘investigators’ use the bullwhip of suggestion to stampede themselves into a lather. I prefer my paranormal investigations to be like textbook law enforcement ones…y’know, where detectives don’t have a meltdown mid-crime scene. Plus…clowns. And a Clown Motel. Speaking of law enforcement, if they are still looking for additional suspects in the Clown Terrorizing of the San Joaquin Valley in 2014, I’d say start with the guest registry to this place and have a field day. 🙂 This blog entry was great fun!

    • Thanks! Your comments are always so complimentary. Paranormal Police Procedural Day One: CSI bagged a sample of ectoplasm for a mitochondrial DNA match. The paranormalist of record logged a spectral sighting, and Dr. Prentiss saw a spook and wet ’em. 🙂 Thank you for all your input.

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