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Four friends explore an abandoned insane asylum to look for ghosts.  Set in Mexico, this found footage horror film shows the four twenty-something investigators scale the wall and break into the hospital in their search for paranormal activity.  You can tell they’re serious because they bring a spookometer or some such gizmo that lights up when the spirits want to say hi.  Naturally, their neat little plan goes off the rails almost immediately and they spend the rest of the film running breathlessly from room to room looking for Diego.

diego selfie
Diego checks the spookometer.

Director Abe Rosenberg does the whole shaky-cam thing throughout the film.  He also filmed most of it at night so there’s that.  The story lacks…a story since we get almost no background on the asylum and the dialogue consists mostly of dopey non-conversations a quartet of nitwits might have.  Why do I think they’re nitwits?  They spend several days in the facility and never walk around in the daytime to make a map.  At night, someone hears a sound and runs full speed at it leaving the others running after him yelling his name.  I’m talking about you again, Diego.  Also, they have no exit plan.  Honestly, who goes into a place thinking it’s haunted or full of crazy people without knowing how to get out?  The one thing I learned from this annoying exercise is that Mexico has stupid, spoiled, rich kids, too.  Ahhh culture.

Montage of stupid.


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