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Under Siege is the well-executed tale of a disillusioned former government operative Stranix (Tommy Lee Jones), an inside man Krill (Gary Busey), a crew of mercenaries, and their plan to steal the nuclear missiles from soon to be decommissioned Naval ship the USS Missouri and sell them to foreign terrorists.


Steven Seagal stars as Casey Ryback, the ship’s cook who has the skills to make more than bouillabaisse.

C-4 anyone?

The film has all the usual suspects; the nutty revolutionary, the turncoat, and their enemy, the underestimated former Navy Seal who battles the baddies to save the world. It’s Die Hard on a boat. As John McClane would say, the good guys throw a few monkeys into the wrench. Seagal, a few loose seamen, a visiting WWII veteran, and Jordan Tate (Erika Eleniak) who boarded the ship to jump out of a cake band together to foil the evil Stranix and company and save the free world.

Is that trig? I hate trig.

I like Under Siege. The veteran character actors including Patrick O’Neal, Colm Meaney, Andy Romano, Nick Mancuso, and Bernie Casey give believable performances.

Say what again!

Written by J.F. Lawton, who also wrote Pretty Women and Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (?), the dialogue and situations work and there’s enough military terminology to convince you he did at least a little research. Andrew Davis (Above the Law, The Fugitive) directed Under Siege as a solid action film with some fun moments. Through the witty dialogue and skillful acting of the company we learn enough about the characters to care about them or hope they die violently depending on what side they’re on. This is my favorite Steven Seagal film followed closely by the sequel Under Siege 2: Dark Territory. They’re both quality popcorn flicks.


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